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Welcome to MCD Voice online survey portal of their customers which is available at www.mcdvoice.com. This survey has been designed with the motive of trying to keep the quality and standards up to mark and according to the wish of their valuable customers. MCD Voice survey warmly welcomes the customers to share their precious opinions.

However, the survey has different types of questions that included environment, staff, cleanliness, behaviour of staff, delivery, services, and about food prices. Here, you should not forget to take the survey of McDonald's customer satisfaction and allow McDonald's to know about your feedback. Once you've been completed the mcd voice survey, you will get free sandwiches and McDonald's coupon code based on your survey. This coupon code will help you to purchase a special meal at McDonald's.
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How to Participate  MCD Voice Survey

  • Choose the language : English | Espanol
  • The pre requisites that are need to fill the survey page you must need are as follows: store number, KS Number, Date of Visit, Time of Visit, order Number and Fare Spent
  • Fill the given survey based on the recent experience you had in the mcdonalds
  • Finish the Survey and Receive the a mcdvoice validation code which you can reedem
  • Note the Given Code and Use it in your next visit. Note : This given code expires after 30 days of its creation. Additionally this can be used by the single person at one time and this must not be used commercially by any other purpose.

Eligibility Criteria to Participate in MCD Voice Survey

  • The person who wants to participate in the survey and share the opinions about McDonald's should read the following rules carefully. 
  • You should contain recent McDonald's receipt. 
  • Your age must be at least 13 at the time of entry. 
  • The survey is available at the online website and participate in the survey within a week of your purchase at McDonald's. 
  • The sponsors, employers, and their families are not allowed to be take part of MCD Voice customer survey. 
  • You should answer all questions carefully and honestly because the company is focusing on providing efficient services to their customers. 
  • Moreover, there is no exchange policy applicable on prizes. 
  • However, you can avail one offer for only one person on a visit. 
  • The validity of your www.mcdvoice.com promo code is 30 days. 

Requirements for McDonald's Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • McDonald's called as "The king of Burgers" which has profitable business and deals. It has millions of customers that indicates their success. There are few requirements for participating in the customer satisfaction survey. 
  • You should have an internet accessible device to proceed the online survey www.mcdvoice.com. It can be your laptop, PC, and smartphone with a working internet. 
  • You can keep your recently visited receipt carefully and it is the most important thing for MCD Voice survey. 
  • The languages for the survey are English or Spanish so that you should know any of these two. 
  • You should always remember that McDonald's strict you to fill up the customer service survey just 5 times a month. It is the maximum limit to take the survey because the organization try to consider every survey. 

Guidelines for MCD Voice Survey

  • You're required to take a receipt from the McDonald's restaurant when you purchase or make an order because the receipt will help you to proceed with the MCD voice survey further. 
  • Primarily, you need to browse the website www.mcdvoice.com and be with your recent receipt not older than 7 days. 
  • You need to enter the required information which is available on your receipt including store number, purchase amount, order, and time of your visit. In addition to these, you need to enter 26 digit mcdvoice survey code very carefully. 
  • For suppose, you might not have the code in some cases. In this situation, click on my receipt doesn't have a survey code. 
  • You need to answer the questions which are mentioned during the survey such as a type of order in, a taste of food, take away or drive through, cleanliness, and any issue you've faced during your visit and atmosphere of your outlet. 
  • You should make a note that there is an online procedure to be a part of survey. 
  • After completion of the survey, you will get a redemption code and it's better to note down it on the backside of the receipt. You can avail the redemption code within 30 days of your visit. 
  • Finally, you've done with this survey and avail your offer at McDonalds survey. 

If you've any queries and questions, you can feel free to contact the customer service of McDonalds because the associates who worked at this organization showing determination towards your suggestions, questions, and trying to solve the issues at maximum. You can contact them in different ways whether through email, telephone number, online website, or visit the organization physically.

Mcdvoice - Complete the survey and Get Cashback

As McDonald's is one of the largest restaurant chains in the world as well as in the United States of America, it cares a lot about customers and their opinions about the service and food. Accordingly, it had implemented the Mcdvoice customer satisfaction survey in which users can trade in their opinion for cash back and discount for next visit.

Specifically, Mcdvoice survey is about quality of food, quality of service, customer satisfaction, ease of placing an order, cleanliness of the store, coordination of staff, and if you will visit the store again. The basic rules included one user can take at most 5 surveys per month, the candidate's age must be at least 15 years or more, you must not be related to the company like employee, and you need to provide the verification code along with the receipt within 30 days to a McDonald's store. 

How to Accomplish the Mcdvoice Survey

  • You need to follow the below instructions that can help you to reach out final destination in the survey. 
  • At initial step, you just visit the official website of Mcdvoice which is www.mcdvoice.com or type the address on your web page. 
  • On the next page, you will be asked to enter the 26 digit code that can be found out on your receipt. 
  • In contrary to this, if you don't have this code, you can click on the button like "if you don't have the code printed on your receipt". 
  • After that, you need to enter the entails like store number, date of visit and other relevant details on the web page. 
  • Later on, you can click on start survey button that will be taken to the survey in which it is presented with lots of questions regarding your last visit to the McDonald's. 
  • However, you will be asked about your visit including the type of order that you'd taken whether dine-in, carry out, or drive-thru. 
  • You can also share your opinion relevant to your service, cleanliness, cooperation of staff, accuracy of your ordered mail, and much more. 
  • Here, you should complete the answers carefully and honestly. 
  • After completion of the survey, you will get verification code which can help you to get redemption at your outlet. 

How to Redeem using the Validation Code for Mcdvoice Survey

In order to redeem the validation code, all you need to do is to take the validation code with you when you visit the McDonald's store physically. 

Mcdvoice Rewards and Grand Prize Requirements 

  • The person who wants to get rewards must be 15 years old to apply or demand the lottery. 
  • One should be local resident in the United States of America or Coloumbiana District. 
  • You must have a unique code that can be received when you've completed the McdVoice survey. 
  • You have to apply for this survey within one week of your last purchase at McDonald's and you can able to apply for five times at maximum per a month for survey and rewards. 


Specifically, McDonald's is a brand name which doesn't require any introduction to get familiar with because it is a well-known chain of hamburgers and fast food chain restaurants. At McD, hamburgers are most speciality food in this incredible fast food chains and many other kinds of varieties also available under list menu. 

As it is American's origin business, it is not restricted to this particular region only but it expanded its services across the globe. Now, it became world's leading fast food chain and hamburgers restaurant. It has more than 37000 outlets in various countries which are doing a fantastic business every day. Owing to it is one of the leading business organization in the world, it facilitates many job opportunities for everyone. 

How McDonald's Developed

The organization initiated its business as a single restaurant which could be organized by two McDonald's brothers in the year of 1940. Based on the going on business, it had been expanded its services to many other locations in the United States of America and hence the establishment of a chain of restaurants. The business included providing of different types of hamburgers that has now taken over a chain of world's best fast food chain. 

Miscellaneous Facts

McDonald's is the second largest employer across the world because it provides various job opportunities to a large number of unemployed youth. With the use of its expanded business, it has been serving more than 68 millions of customers everyday. It can handle this large number of customers with the help of more than 3,80,000 thousand workers. 

It has been offered various food commodities such as chicken, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, soft drinks, french fries, and much more. It is not only single type of restaurant business but its business changes with the environment. McDonald's offering both services like counter service and drive through so that customers can gain optimum services from the organization. 

The best part of the McDonald's is included that it sells variety types of food products to its customers according to the local changes. Based on that, restaurants included some of the unique items on their menu which is totally relied on the speciality of the region and where it is located. For suppose, if you run into any kind of issues, you can seek help from the McDonald's customer service associates who always strives to be ready to assist you with any kind of issues. You may contact the customer service associate through either a telephone number of Mcdvoice survey or customer service email address. 

McDonald's Services

You can find three services at McDonald's such as free Wi-Fi, Arch Card, and PlayPlaces and Parties. You can use free Wi-Fi in order to get some work done like check your email or connect with your friends. You can also access the internet on laptops or mobile devices whenever you visit the store and it is always free of charge. If you're within a range of free Wi-Fi network, you can able to connect with the internet connection by making the settings. You need to accept the terms and conditions of agreement to connect with the internet at these restaurant locations. 

If your mobile device is able to connect with the nearby Wi-Fi routers automatically, you will get to view Wi-Fi popup notification with the terms of agreement. For suppose, if your device is not set to automatic networks, you can navigate to your Wi-Fi settings and choose the network. You need not do any special login for accepting the connection but you're required to accept the terms and conditions. For connecting to the Wi-Fi networks, you need to follow the standard Android procedure. Most of the restaurants offering free Wi-Fi and each location may have their own terms and conditions. However, the internet speed may vary according to the bandwidth availability. 

Arch Card

Arch Card is a quick and convenient gift card to do perfect shopping for any special occasion. It makes a great gift for someone special and are even better to use yourself. These cards can come in any whole dollar denomination from $5 to $50. You can purchase Arch cards at McDonald's restaurants nationwide as well as they may available at other retailers subsuming Giant Eagle, Walgreens, SuperValu, Kroger, SafeWay, Ahold, Kohls, and Food Lion. Arch cards are reloadable at in-stores or else you can reload at any time or you can choose automatic reload option by using your credit card. 

McDonald's Arch cards not included penalty or dormancy fees and they never expire. These gift cards are very convenient way to deliver motivation, appreciation, and recognition for the people who make you look good. If you want to purchase multiple numbers of Arch cards, you can purchase them using the Corporate Sales form. You can also get free standard ground shipping. There is an availability of rush shipping for an additional charge. You can find discounts for orders of $10,000 and more. 

For suppose, if you've lost the Arch card or damaged, you can get recover by keeping your activation and reload receipts. You're required to replace a lost or stolen card. You can immediately contact the customer service for cancellation of damaged cards or replacing of these cards. After that, you need to complete and send in the lost or stolen arch card form in addition to the your original activation receipt. 


Under McDonald's community, you can find different services such as RHMC, 365 Black, HACER scholarships for Hispanic students, McDonald's APA, and McDonald's International.

The organization is care about the well-being of children and families. Since 1974, it has been helped to open the Ronald McDonald House wherein families can take rest and just steps away from the hospital. The company is stand by RHMC in their commitment in order to help the families especially provide care for sick children. 

Whenever you purchase the items from McDonald's or buy a happy meal or mighty kids meal, it will donate a penny in order to support the RHMC program that included different types of services such as Ronald McDonald family room, Ronald McDonald house, and Ronald McDonald Care Mobile. Ronald McDonald Houses essentially assists the families who travel far for medical care and it creates a comfortable environment where they can stay nearby hospital and get some other facilities like private bedroom, complete with home-cooked meals, and playrooms for kids. 

Ronald McDonald Family Room designed to help the families to take rest and regroup even while they're in the hospital. Similarly, you can find other service of Ronald McDonald Care Mobile through which you can travel to communities where kids and families need it most and it is providing dental, medical, and health care resources directly to the children near their home or school. You can also be a part of RHMC support program by donating spare change in an RHMC donation box at the pay counter or drive-thru. 

This organization creates a national fundraise for RHMC program in a way that customer can directly donate the money. Accordingly, the customers of McDonald's donated more than $38 million in order to support RHMC families in the year of 2016. 

McDonald's APA

Through this APA system, you can explore more options and get informed about college admission process. You can also join or celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage month and learn more about contributions that have made in the United States of America. This APA mainly impacting the mainstream of American culture and trends such as feng shui, yoga, and Asian Fusion cuisine and much more. 

HACER Scholarships

McDonald's not only focusing on helping the sick children but also providing assistance to Hispanic students to get scholarships and college resources. HACER is one of the largest programs which are committed to college scholarships for Hispanics. If you're an eligible student and have the power to make your dreams into reality, you can consider the tools available at this organization. 

Through its HACER scholarship program, it has been provided more than 31 million dollars in Hispanic scholarships since its inception and it is continuing to do so year after year. The scholarships for colleges can provide the essentials in order to pursue any field of study without consideration of financial circumstances. Using this program, it has granted the money for more than 17,800 high school seniors with Hispanic scholarships that translates to more than $31M in college resources. 

Eligibility and Requirements for the Scholarship Programs

Specifically, HACER scholarship program begins at October 25th 2017 and ends on February 5th 2018. In order to get the benefits from this program, you need to belong to the following categories such as be a high school senior, be younger than 21 years old, be a legal U.S. resident, carry a minimum of 2.7 GPA, disclose other scholarship programs that they had used before, be eligible to attend a two or four year college or university with full time study, at least should have one parent of Hispanic heritage, and you must enroll and attend an accredited institution in the academic year. 

Materials and Documents Needed

You need to have some simple documents to fulfill the formalities of this scholarship program. The documents are included personal statement, transcript, FAFSA report, list of community service projects, and letter of recommendation to be submitted online. The scholarship recipients should be selected based on financial need, academic achievement, community involvement, and personal qualities and strengths as portrayed in a personal interview. 

McDonald's International

It focuses on providing a great restaurant experience every time and the company's employees, owner or operators, and suppliers work together to meet the customer needs in a unique way. 


McDonald's recognized to be continuing as a premier franchise company and more than 80% of the restaurants are owned and operated by the franchisees. Accordingly, McDonald's restaurant owning is an extraordinary opportunity. It is seeking individuals with significant business process who have successfully owned or managed multiple business units. If you're interested in becoming a US franchisee owner or operator, you can contact the customer service number by creating a family of more than 3000 owner or operators passionate about the customers, making money, growing the business, and having fun. It is committed to franchising as an efficient way of doing business. 

International Franchising

As it is doing business in more than 100 countries in the world, the status of franchising in the markets currently do business based on the market specific pages. The process of placing such markets will be explained on market specific pages. Certain markets do not have a presence but are not seeking franchisees. The company has been included different instructions relevant to the markets using the country selection. In order to ensure better accessing of pages within the website, you can consider Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 version or higher. 

Real Estate

Whether you may show interest to build restaurants, you can make use of the real estate option through which you can able to establish the new restaurants as well as malls, airports, tollways, and colleges at a value to the customers.